Same Day Apostille Service:

Use this form to set up your appointment with an Apostille mobile notary or text to (914)441-2444.

You may also begin this process by either texting or WhatsApp your name, address, email and document type to (914)441-2444.
No dashes or symbols - example: 9145551212
Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
This is the address where your notary will pick up your documents and where they will be mailed or hand-delivered.
Rates are for SINGLE document Apostille service.
We can laser print and prepare your docs for expedited processing for $9.95 (first page) and .99 for each additional. We can also convert your finished docs to PDF format and forward to a third party.
Translation services limited to maximum of 3 pages and include separate attached certification affidavit.