What is Letter of Exemplification?

Exemplification of Birth or Death Record (letter of exemplification) is a separate page in attached to the issued document.

In Westchester County, a local court clerk can issue a certified copy of the birth by providing an exemplified version. What this mean is the Clerk is saying the original copy is no longer available, but they certify that the exemplified copy is a legal replacement.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will attach the letter to New York City issued birth and death certificates.

In legal terms, exemplification means “an attested copy of a document, under official seal” in other words, a Letter of Exemplification attests that the attached birth or death certificate is a true and certified copy. In and exemplified document, it just refers to the document itself.

Often you’ll hear the term “long form“. This returns to a more original version and this needs to be requested.

If your document in an exemplified form, you will not need a notary involved in the apostille process. The New York State Department of State in Albany and NYC will accept this “as-is”.

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If you get lost along the way, a great resource is to head over to the Westchester County Clerk at 111 Martin Luther King Blvd in White Plains. Someone there will always know how to help or what Court or Clerk to send you to.