Apostille For Birth Certificate FAQ

How can your get an apostille for birth certificate if you only have a copy? Many countries will accept a copy is it’s formatted – correctly.

And, obtaining your apostille for your birth certificate copy, is easier than obtaining the original exemplified version.

Please look at the image below on to how to convert your birth certificate into the proper format:

Why don’t more notaries work with birth certificate copies to save their clients time and $$?

The answer is they were afraid to ask at, either County level, or their State Department.

Whenever we ran into hiccups, we used it as a building block to increase our knowledge base.

For example, can you combine a New York birth certificate with a translation from a Connecticut notary? Which DOS or countries are more lenient in accepting these?

What happen when your New York birth certificate copy, headed out for apostille, is so outdated, the County Clerk won’t consider it?

We are also in the business of training New York notaries. Our starter kit for apostille contains 8 stamps to convert documents. And, we guarantee the your respective State Department will accept, or we create another.

So when your ready to Apostille for Birth Certificate, come to the experts. And we ONLY handle New York.

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