2020 Fee Schedule for Standard & Complex Multi Doc Corporate Signings in White Plains

For insurance, finance, structured settlement, etc. companies looking to utilize our services, here’s an overview of what we offer:

Travel Fee in White Plains only: $49.00 (7am to 7pm)
Usually always the “base” fee to visit a signing client. Some situations such as excessive time (waiting) or weather may incur additional fees. Travel fees outside of White Plains begin at $69

Parking Site Fees: $ see below
This is White Plains. There’s literally no free parking in commercial zones.

Standard Stamp & Signature (per document) $2.00
What is costs to have us stamp & sign after we validate the document and signer.

Document Validity Stamp & Signature $5.00
We provide the NYS “Department Of State Affidavit Form” to validate that the copy of the ID (we’re verifying) is the exact copy that’s being scanned at the signing. In the State of New York this document may be construed as simply a verification of the signature of the affiant and not the original document itself.

Document Laser Printing Fees $9.95 first page and .99 each additional page or “side”.
This is the fee to print the contract or paperwork.

Scan to PDF & e-Transfer Fees $9.95 first page and .49 each additional page or “side”.
Our fee to scan the docs, convert to PDF and email, Dropbox, etc. to you or 3rd party.

Hard Copy FedEx Fees $15.00 (with prepaid mailer)
This is our fee to enclose your docs into a FedEx mailer and drop off within one-hour of the signing. We will not drop in “drop box”. All docs must be scanned by authorized FedEX location.

Hard Copy USPS Mail Fee $10.00 (with prepaid mailer)
This is our fee to physically take your docs to Post Office. We do not drop in mailboxes.

Shipping Fees
If you don’t provide a pre-paid shipping label, we will gladly provide shipping label service for you if we have a valid CC on file. The fees billed are “actual”.

We’ll gladly accept your company check (Net 15), Visa, MasterCard or Amex. We’ll also take your Venmo or PayPal.

I9 Work Authorizations
Signature as Authorized Representative $5.00
Additional Stamped Page with Signature $5.00

Any additional docs certified please see “Document Validity” above. Each document is an additional $5.00 – please remember that in New York State the notarization of this document may be construed as verification of signature of the affiant and not a verification of the authenticity of the original document. Please be sure and ask us for clarification regarding the stipulation as many corporate human resource departments are not fully aware of this issue.

Please remember we are not permitted, under any circumstances, to provide legal advice with regard to your applications, documents or forms.

Parking Fees are always extra and are billed “at cost”. For example, The Westchester Mall Fee is $3.00 while The Crowne Plaza Hotel is $5.00 while the Ritz Carlton can sometimes be $15.
We do not provide I9 forms unless the minimum IRS threshold of $600 is met.