Apostille NYC Birth or Death Certificates on the “cheap”!

Not in a rush? Great! Then Westchester & NYC Apostille Expediter Harry Otto shares the 3-step (really only 2-step) process on how to get an Apostille for your NYC Birth, Death, or Marriage Certificates without ever stepping foot into Manhattan and without ever needing his team’s services!

  1. Make sure your document qualifies. You’ll need an exemplified version of your birth, death, or marriage certificate. If you don’t have that yet, just use our search bar below to get our Gorilla Guide to obtaining the proper exemplified documents.
  2. You’ll need to mail your exemplified documents with a return envelope to the New York City Clerk’s office at 60 Centre Street. You’ll enclose your documents, the application, and a money order for $3.00. Here is a link to print the form and their version of the instructions. The only fib is that while they claim it takes 3 weeks to process your documents, it actually takes 8 weeks (not including mailing delays). But it’s only $3.00 plus postage! Here is the link to the form and the 3-week fib: CLERK

    COST: $3.00 + $9.00 Certified Mail & $6.00 Registered Trackable Mail = $18.00!* Cheap!!

    TIME: 8 Weeks + Mail = 9 Weeks

  3. Then you’ll need to send them to Albany for the Apostille process with their applications and another check for $10.00. This will take another 3 weeks minimum if you enclose the self-addressed, stamped envelope. Their website says to include the envelope only if using Express Mail, but your Apostille will be delayed if you don’t include it. Here is the link to the Apostille process in Albany: LINK

    COST: Only $10.00 + $9.00 Certified Mail & $6.00 Registered Trackable Mail = $25.00!* Cheap!!

    TIME: 3 Weeks + Mail = 4 Weeks

That’s it! The Apostille process may seem daunting, but it’s not rocket science. Anyone can get this done for pennies if they have time and are not concerned with tracking. Sending the documents to the New York City Clerk’s office will be a waiting game with no one to call for updates, so patience is key.

The DIY version of the Apostille process is always for applicants who are okay with waiting and for when the documents are not “mission critical.” If you’re good with clerical stuff, not in a rush, and have some manila envelopes “lying around,”* this entire process from start to finish is only $43.00!

Keep in mind that while the DIY approach can save you money, it does require a bit of waiting and “wondering”. If your documents are urgent or you prefer a more hands-off approach, professional Apostille services like White Plains Apostille can help expedite the process and provide peace of mind with tracking and customer support.