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NYC Birth Record Apostille in 2023

Redacted version from this original post: https://notary.harryotto.com/nyc-birth-record-apostille-faq/

Before obtaining an apostille on the NYC based birth record, the record must be “exemplified” and “authenticated”. This rule applies to any birth or death record from these five counties:

New York County – Manhattan
Bronx County – The Bronx
Richmond County – Staten Island
Kings County – Brooklyn
Queens County – Queens

If your birth document is “one document” it won’t qualify. Here’s an example of a non-qualifying birth certificate, front and back:

Short Form NYC Based Birth Document
This image shows a Short Form NYC Based Birth Document that does not qualify for authentication.

You cannot exemplify a document. Your document must come with exemplification when you order it.

You will need to order your long form exemplified birth document from vitalchek.com and, during the ordering process, indicate you need this birth document for “international or apostille use”. Here is an example of a 2-page birth document that would be acceptable at the NYC county clerk:

Long Form NYC Based Birth Document
This image shows a Long Form NYC Based Birth Document that qualifies for authentication.

How old is it? The clerk can reject authenticating the exemplified birth record after it’s a year old for any “substantive” reason, but usually doesn’t.

Still have a question on what’s acceptable for authentication and apostille? Call, text or WhatsApp apostille expediter Harry Otto and we’ll get you started: (914)441-2444

White Plains Birth Certificate Apostille 911

Looking for the absolute fastest way to obtain an apostilled version of your original White Plains birth certificate?

Simply FedEx White Plains Apostille your notarized birth certificate request form and we can have an authenticated and apostilled White Plains birth certificate on its way to a foreign country the same day we receive it. Yes. We’re that fast.

For the most current version of this form, please visit:


White Plains City Marriage Bureau Clerk

We are a 4.9 Star 110+ Review Apostille Service!

White Plains Apostille proudly boasts a 4.9 Google rating showing our commitment to outstanding customer service to our fellow New Yorkers.
Westchester Apostille New York Apostille expediters. (914)441-2444.
No one processes more, and understands the complexities of Apostilles, than Westchester Apostille (also Corporate Apostilles). Don’t take our word for it! Check out our amazing feedback on Google, Bing, Yelp and Trustpilot. Our reviews reflect our 5 star commitment to our customers and their documents. Our 5 star “Apostille submission guarantee” program means that if a country rejects your Apostille documents, we will refile for no charge.

Ask us about our “5 Star Submission Guarantee” that means “we will refile your documents at NO CHARGE if they are denied!”

Ask about our inexpensive document replacement insurance to replace your Apostille if it is lost, stolen or destroyed.

Did you know that even our Northern Westchester applicants can experience same day “in your hands” Apostille processing if your documents are in by 11am?


No Hidden Apostille Fees

2023 Action Guide to Obtain NYC Marriage License for Apostille.

The step-by-step-step guide to obtaining an exemplified marriage license with authentication ready for apostille.

Looking to save a few dollars? You can obtain your own marriage license copy with the required authentication ready for apostille. Here are the step-by-step instructions from apostille expeditor, Harry Otto:

First, make an appointment with the New York City Marriage Bureau, located at 140 Worth Street, here:


Second, if you’re driving, download the ParkWhiz App:

ParkWhiz App

and book discounted parking here:

101 Worth Street “Foley Street Garage” for the discounted rate of $35 for 3 hours vs $55. This will generate a QR code that gets you in-and-out quick.

Third, don’t forget your ID because you’ll need to show it to gain entry and get rid of your belt and metal objects before the metal detectors. Make sure you walk in with this form filled out:



Fourth, after you obtain your long-form marriage docs with exemplification, head back out the doors and make a left to the City Clerk at 60 Centre Street. Don’t go through the front entrance. Walk along the left side of the building to the back.

This what the back entrance looks like:

60 entre Street back entrance is always quickest.

They don’t take credit cards or checks. It’s $3 for the authentication “tag” and DO NOT go on Wednesday (no authentication). And don’t go between 12:30 and 2PM (lunch).

And this is what the line looks like at 2PM:

The lines after the 12:30 to 2PM lunch break can be avoided if you know beforehand.

Fifth, if you have a few extra minutes make a right when you leave because you’re 2 blocks from Chinatown and a 4 minute walk from Canal Street ($45 Lois Vuitton).

That’s it. 

Want to just let us handle everything? The application process starts here: apostilleapply.com and you can call/text/WhatsApp anytime at (914)441-2444.

How Does White Plains Apostille Process SPOA Special Power of Attorney Apostilles Same Day for Rockland and Putnam County?

How Does White Plains Apostille Process SPOA Special Power of Attorney Apostille Filings Same Day for Rockland and Putnam County Customers?

Our Rockland County and Putnam County clients can’t always make it to our office in White Plains. However, they are hard-pressed to have their apostille processed the same or the next day. In these cases we suggest having a local notary handle the notarization of the SPOA and ensuring that the notarization is authenticated at the County Clerk’s office.

In Rockland, the documents need to go to:

1 S. Main St. Room #100 New City NY 10956. Telephone number is (845)638-5070.

In Putnam, the documents must go to:

40 Gleneida Ave, Carmel Hamlet, NY 10512 (845)808-1142.

Bring them the notarized document and ask them to “authenticate the notarization for apostille”. Once that’s done you can Uber the documents to our office by 11am for same-day apostille and anytime before 9pm for next-day apostille.

Please remember we can not accept your documents or schedule an appointment unless your information is in our system. This is done after filling out our intake form at apostilleapply.com 

*This same process can apply to counties further away such as:

  • Albany County, NY
  • Allegany County, NY
  • Broome County, NY
  • Cattaraugus County, NY
  • Cayuga County, NY
  • Chautauqua County, NY
  • Chemung County, NY
  • Chenango County, NY
  • Clinton County, NY
  • Columbia County, NY
  • Cortland County, NY
  • Delaware County, NY
  • Dutchess County, NY
  • Erie County, NY
  • Essex County, NY
  • Franklin County, NY
  • Fulton County, NY
  • Genesee County, NY
  • Greene County, NY
  • Hamilton County, NY
  • Herkimer County, NY
  • Jefferson County, NY
  • Lewis County, NY
  • Livingston County, NY
  • Madison County, NY
  • Monroe County, NY
  • Montgomery County, NY
  • Nassau County, NY
  • Niagara County, NY
  • Oneida County, NY
  • Onondaga County, NY
  • Ontario County, NY
  • Orange County, NY
  • Orleans County, NY
  • Oswego County, NY
  • Otsego County, NY
  • Rensselaer County, NY
  • Richmond County, NY
  • Saint Lawrence County, NY
  • Saratoga County, NY
  • Schenectady County, NY
  • Schoharie County, NY
  • Schuyler County, NY
  • Seneca County, NY
  • Steuben County, NY
  • Suffolk County, NY
  • Sullivan County, NY
  • Tioga County, NY
  • Tompkins County, NY
  • Ulster County, NY
  • Warren County, NY
  • Washington County, NY
  • Wayne County, NY
  • Wyoming County, NY
  • Yates County, NY

A March 2023 Look at the “New” NY ABA 2021 Power of Attorney

Don’t wait until the last minute to finish this document. In an emergency, this document is powerful even if you have a solid will and/or family trust.

The power of attorney (“POA”) should be part of every adult’s financial and estate planning. Unless an individual’s assets are jointly owned or held by a trust, no one can handle his/her financial affairs in the event of incapacity without a power of attorney. It would take a lengthy and expensive court process to appoint a guardian. 

A POA is not just a tool to be used later in life. Every parent of a college-bound student should consider having that young adult execute a POA so they can handle financial matters, or even gain access to their child’s residential quarters, if needed.

Earlier this year, the New York State Legislature made significant changes to the New York power of attorney law, which went into effect on June 13, 2021. Because of these changes, it is important for New Yorkers and others with New York POAs to review them at this time and to consider updating them.

An overview of the changes

Title 15 of Article 5 of New York’s General Obligations Law establishes a “statutory short form power of attorney” by which an individual, the Principal, can designate an Agent to act on the Principal’s behalf in matters of personal and financial nature. Even though the POA form may consist of several pages, especially when permitted modifications are added, it is still called Statutory Short Form, so that the language conferring authority with respect to each power listed on the “short form” is construed to incorporate a full description and extent of the agent’s authorized transactions set forth in the statute. Similar statutes exist in many other states.

Powers of attorney are frequently refused by financial institutions and other third parties. Changes in the New York power of attorney law that went into effect in June simplify the form and reduce the likelihood of financial institutions refusing to honor validly executed POAs.
In 2009, a POA form that deviated from the statutory language would be deemed invalid. The statutory form also limited the agent’s ability to make gifts by allowing only a maximum aggregate annual gift of $500, unless the principal executed a separate Statutory Gift Rider (“SGR”). Additionally, the old law provided no sanctions or punitive remedies for third parties refusing to honor a valid POA. 

As a result of the new law, the following significant changes have been made:

  1. Compliance with statutory requirements. According to the new law, a POA form must “substantially conform” to the language provided in the General Obligations Law *5-1513, but is not required to be identical to the POA form in the General Obligations Law §5-1513. POA forms may be valid even if they contain slight errors in spelling, punctuation, formatting, or type slightly different from the statutory POA form language. The following two warnings, which are in the NY GOL *5-1513, cannot be omitted from the POA: the “Important Information for the Agent” clause and the “Caution to the Principal” clause.
  2. Legislative gift riders will be eliminated. In order for the agent to make gifts in excess of $500 per year, the principal previously had to execute a separate SGR, which required two witnesses to witness the principal’s signature and an acknowledgment from a notary. By amending the law, a principal can authorize the agent to make gifts up to $5,000 per year, and additionally, the principal can modify the standard POA form to authorize the agent to make gifts exceeding $5,000 per year, and to authorize the agent to make gifts to himself or herself or to make other gift transactions and changes to interests in the principal’s property without the need for a separate SGR.
  3.  Penalties for not accepting a valid POA. In the past, financial institutions have refused to accept a valid, properly executed POA or only recognized their own form. Previously, there weren’t any penalties for unreasonable refusal to honor POA. Under the new law, if a third party is found to have acted unreasonably in refusing a POA, the court can award damages, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs. A POA can be rejected under certain circumstances, and there’s a timeline for when it can be rejected. POA recipients have 10 days to accept or reject the POA, or to ask for an affidavit from the agent or an opinion of counsel from the principal, and must then accept or reject the POA in writing within seven days of receiving the affidavit or opinion of counsel. 
  4. Third parties acting in good faith are protected by the Safe Harbor. By law, recipients of a POA are protected if they act in good faith when accepting the POA, even if the POA is later deemed invalid. The recipient is shielded from liability if the following conditions are met: (a) the POA must have the principal’s acknowledged signature verified by a notary public or another authorized to accept acknowledgments; and (b) the recipient must not know that the principal’s signature is forged, the POA is invalid, or that the agent is abusing his/her/its authority.
  5. Requirement for execution. In New York, a statutory power of attorney, or a non-statutory power of attorney, executed by a principal must: (a) be typed or printed in clear type no smaller than 12 points; and (b) be signed, initialed, and dated by the principal or by another person other than the principal’s agent or successor agent, in the principal’s presence and under the principal’s direction. In either case, the signature of the person signing must be duly notarized and acknowledged, and must be witnessed by two persons who are not named in the instrument as agents or as permissible recipients of gifts, principal. The person who takes the acknowledgment may also serve as one of the witnesses. 

Though third parties may more readily accept the new POA form, powers of attorney and statutory gift riders properly executed previously under the law in effect at the time of execution will remain valid.

If you are in Northern Westchester, we can still have your Apostille processed same day if we have everything by 11am. No other Apostille expediters courier to the Westchester County Clerk and the New York State Department of State 5 days a week.

White Plains Apostille Translation Services

White Plains Apostille & Mobile Notary Translation Services

According to the guidelines of the International Hague Convention, vital record translations cannot be considered as “legal” documents. The translations that accompany your Apostille are classified as “reference translations,” intended to assist, rather than directly serve as the information source, outside the United States.

For instance, if you are applying for a student VISA, you are not allowed to utilize the translation document as a source of pedigree or identifying information. Instead, information for your new international document must be sourced from the original government-issued vital document. Moreover, if you intend to change your name, even in a minor way, you will need to apply for that change independently. Any variations to your name in the translation or notes in parentheses will be disregarded, following the Hague Convention guidelines.

We have established close partnerships with law firms capable of performing high-level legal translations for Italian, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. For legal documents like a Procura Specialie in Italy, we advise against opting for a $99 reference translation. However, for documents such as marriage licenses, birth certificates, or death certificates, reference translations are sufficient, as they are not used for sourcing information.

Our acceptance guarantee ensures that any rejections based on procedural guideline violations will be covered. Please note that our replacement guarantee does not apply to opinion-based objections from clients, such as “I think the gender of the word bicycle wasn’t proper.” In essence, the primary goal of the translation is to ensure the acceptance of your Apostille document, rather than being relied on as the primary source of information.

If you have any questions regarding the translation process, please feel free to ask before placing your Apostille order. Even if you think your question may be unrelated, we encourage you to seek clarification.

Step by Step 2023 Action Guide to Apostille your Power of Attorney in Westchester for less than $20

Step by Step Action Guide to Apostille your Power of Attorney in Westchester for less than $20
New York Apostille expediter Harry Otto explains the process of processing your own power of attorney with an Apostille beginning in Westchester County. Here he explains how it can be done, start to finish, for less than $20! It's not complicated if you have a bit of time and patience.

  1. Once you have your undated and unsigned power of attorney typed up, head over to the Westchester County clerk’s office in White Plains. They’re located at 111 Martin Luther King Blvd next to the Galleria. If you’re driving, there’s always a convenient spot to park on Quarropas Street right by Grand Street. Put 45 minutes in the meter or download the White Plains Parking mobile app.
    Your first stop for Apostille is to have your document notarized and authenticated at the Westchester County Clerk's office in Whie Plains.
  2. Head to the third-floor clerk’s office and simply ask for a notary. It’s free.
    Notary and authentication counter at Westchester County Clerk.
  3. Tell the notary that you’ll be sending this off for an Apostille and you also need “authentication”. They will staple a blue authentication tag to the notarized document. This is $3.00. If you have multiple pages being notarized in the same Apostille, you only need one tag – each notarization in the single Apostille does not require authentication.
    Westchester County Notary Authentication Tag
  4. The clerk’s office has the New York State Department of State Apostille request form. Ask them for one. Or you can fill that out now by downloading it here:


  1. After filling out this form and enclosing a check for $10 please remember to include a self-addressed and stamped envelope. They will absolutely delay your request if you don’t follow this direction. Expect your completed Apostille in the mail within 3 weeks. If you don’t receive it in 3 weeks, you can try calling them at (518)474-4429. There is no tracking on any part of this process, so this is only for applications that are not time sensitive.
    Apostille Counter at 123 William Street in NYC
  2. Another alternative to mailing, but no faster, is to hand deliver the power of attorney, application and $10 check directly to the Department of State at 123 William Street in New York City. They will forward your documents to Albany for processing, and you can save on postage. And yes, some people value their time less than $4 in postage.

Is there anything we can do to speed up the process for you? It takes less than two minutes for you to complete the intake form. Click here to start the apostille application process: apostilleapply.com or call, text even WhatsApp (914)441-2444.

If you are in Northern Westchester, we can still have your Apostille processed same day if we have everything by 11am. No other Apostille expediters courier to the Westchester County Clerk and the New York State Department of State 5 days a week.

FBI Background Check Apostille in New York. A Definitive 2023 Guide.

White Plains Apostilles & Mobile Notary Service Definitive 2022 Guide to getting your Apostilled FBI Background Check.

In order to be clear, we are not channelers. In the United States, channelers are companies that are authorized by the government to collect your fingerprints, send them to the FBI and begin your FBI background check.

Having said that, it should be noted that a channeler is NOT an apostille expediter. If you are dealing with a good expediter, he will be able to apostille your FBI background check in less than a week, sometimes even on the same day.

It is recommended that you use Printscan, located just minutes away at 75 South Broadway in White Plains, in order to obtain the FBI background check in the fastest time. Printscan no longer accepts phone or drop-in appointments. Visit https://www.printscan.com/location/white-plains-ny/ to schedule an appointment – fingerprints and FBI background checks are $90 plus tax.

Printscan can send a fingerprint tech to your house or office! For this, you can call them at (631)782-1700. They don’t have a direct White Plains line anymore.

We recommend getting a PDF version of your FBI background check for the fastest turnaround time. When it’s ready, you’ll be able to upload a PDF to our application page at apostilleapply.com for immediate printing and apostilling.

With apostilleapply.com, you can get services like translation, color scan-to-PDF, and FedEx to your chosen country. We handle everything you need for your apostille and final application.

In addition, many of our requests involve marriage licenses when applying for second citizenship and golden VISAs. If the country wants a current marriage license instead of an original, you’ll need to get that yourself. The Westchester County Clerk’s office on Martin Luter King Blvd in White Plains handles this. In New York City, the Department of Health handles it. Always call the County Clerk in the jurisdiction where the original certificate was issued to find out who issues certified copies.

Are you ready to apostil your FBI background check and documents? You can start the process at apostilleapply.com or text Harry Otto at (914) 441-2444.

Cheers, Amanda.

*Are you an advertiser looking to work with White Plains Apostilles and Mobile Notary? Reach out to Allison M at becomeanadvertiser@corporateapostilles.com