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Use this form to set up your appointment with a mobile notary or text to (914)441-2444. Mobile Notary Services are available 7 days a week from 5am to 11pm. This form is also available in Spanish, Italian, German, Polish or French – Need a certified translation? Visit westchestertranslations.com for $99 translations! Apostille from $149!

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*Base fee does not include $2.00 for each notarization or "as witness" signature. * Office buildings, Westchester County Airport, Pepsi,Co, Morgan Stanley, etc., require parking and additional surcharges, We'll send you a quote! **non-commercial only

New York Birth Certificate with Apostille

APostille a New York Birth Certificate

You received a dual passport application rejection – bad enough – with a reply indicating they required an “Apostille for Birth Certificate New York”. Now what?

Obtaining the proper birth certificate with apostille New York is simple, if you understand the steps. Even if you have a copy it’s painless if you have the right apostille expediter on your team.

The term birth certificate with apostille isn’t entirely accurate. A much better suited description would be apostille birth certificate or apostilled birth certificate. The apostille and birth certificate are actually one and the same

This is also similar when a New York birth certificate, combined with the elders marriage license, is combined under one apostille.

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Another common request we receive is for a birth certificate with apostille stamp. This is also not possible. Here again, the misconception is that we can stamp the birth certificate with a magical stamp.

Remember that the birth certificate and apostille are “one”. Although the New York State Department of State attaches an apostille cover page, with a unique serial number, it’s still one-in-the-same.

At White Plains Apostille and Mobile Notary we have a turn-key program on how to get apostille birth certificate. Our Westchester County notary can navigate the maze to apostille a birth certificate.

The procedure can many times be as simple as uploading a copy of your New York birth certificate. The process is simple when using the apostilleapply.com application system.

Over 75% of single-page apostilles “process” through the Albany Department of State. At only $149 it can make the process quick and stress free.

Remember our consultations are always free. We will always assist you to complete your birth certificate apostille in New York.

Please Text, WhatsApp or call with any questions (914)441-2444.

How to Get an Apostille in New York City in One Easy Step – or 3.



If you need to provide a birth certificate overseas you may ask “what is” and “how do I apostille a birth certificate“?

First, an apostille is a form of authentication for a document. An apostille is necessary when you’re using it in another country.

For example, OCI applicants for dual citizenship submit apostille documents, guaranteeing their authenticity.


How do you pronounce apostille? The most popular pronunciations is a mix between “ah-puh-STEEL” and “uh-POSS-teel.”


Getting an apostille can be confusing. In Westchester County, you need to visit three offices to get an apostille for your document. Hence, the name of this article is “One or Three”.

For “ONE STEP”, head over to www.apostilleapply.com and fill out one form. Done. It could cost you about 5 minutes and as little as $149 – complete!


Or, you can try the 3 step process for about $15, it will take few hours, plus 3-4 weeks to receive your apostille from Albany.

In part 2, we will cover either obtaining documents from the clerks office or, answer the question:


What is Letter of Exemplification?

Exemplification of Birth or Death Record (letter of exemplification) is a separate page in attached to the issued document.

In Westchester County, a local court clerk can issue a certified copy of the birth by providing an exemplified version. What this mean is the Clerk is saying the original copy is no longer available, but they certify that the exemplified copy is a legal replacement.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will attach the letter to New York City issued birth and death certificates.

In legal terms, exemplification means “an attested copy of a document, under official seal” in other words, a Letter of Exemplification attests that the attached birth or death certificate is a true and certified copy. In and exemplified document, it just refers to the document itself.

Often you’ll hear the term “long form“. This returns to a more original version and this needs to be requested.

If your document in an exemplified form, you will not need a notary involved in the apostille process. The New York State Department of State in Albany and NYC will accept this “as-is”.

Use our handy secure application and for a no-obligation review of where you’re at in the process. You can even securely upload your documents for a quick review. If we can assist you for free we always will.

If you get lost along the way, a great resource is to head over to the Westchester County Clerk at 111 Martin Luther King Blvd in White Plains. Someone there will always know how to help or what Court or Clerk to send you to.

Apostille Near Me – The Importance of Dealing Local for your Document Apostille…

Find A Notary Near Me

Here at White Plains Apostille and Mobile Notary, the search term “Apostille Near Me” is one of the most common searches for someone trying to find an apostille firm to authenticate their documents.

For some industries, using a company that makes believe they’re “near you” might be ok, but an apostille authentication is not one of them. Many companies that show up on Google will make-believe they’re “near you” then try and send you “mailer packs” to have you ship your documents to them. This is what an “apostille service near me” does.

If you’re in Westchester County, White Plains Apostille Mobile Notary either allows you to drop off your documents in person or, in Lower Westchester, will pick them up from you.

When we expedite your apostille authentication, your documents never leave our expediter’s hands.

Just the fact they are claiming to be an “apostille near me” begins your relationship on a fallacy. If you’re in Westchester, Rockland, or The Bronx we are “an apostille service near me”!

Text or call today to discuss what we can do for you! (914)441-2444 or use our convenient online form for a no-obligation quote www.apostilleapply.com

Allison Maldinado
International Apostille Application Coordinator

Westchester County Notary

We are often asked to apostille documents that come from Rockland County and while we can apostille the documents, we can not notarize or authenticate the notary stamp of a Rockland County commissioned notary. We are only commissioned in Westchester County and, as such, can only notarize your documents in Westchester. One of the important reasons for this, is that should a problem arise that requires a Court’s intervention, it would be difficult to call an “out of county” notary into a proceeding.

But we are still fully qualified and regularly apostille or authenticate documents from anywhere in New York State. If you have any questions whatsoever please reach out by text, WhatsApp or phone to (914)441-2444 or use our online form at apostilleapply.com

If you only require a Westchester Notary for mobile services, please use our “contact a notary” form. We are available 7 days a week until 11pm!

Certified Document Translations

Notarized Document Translations

Our team of translators can have your Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German documents translated to or from English in 24 hours – ready to be apostilled or submitted to third parties. Starting at only $99 for the first page we GUARANTEE your translation will be accepted or we will redo it. Upload your documents to be translated at http://westchestertranslations.com today. We are located in the heart of White Plains and have been providing certified translations since 2012.

Certified & Notarized Document Translations only $99 – 1000’s of Translations since 2012!

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Apostille Birth Certificate New York

Apostille Birth Certificate New York with apostilleapply.com

The process of how to apostille a birth certificate in New York takes one of two possible directions. It’s always a question of what the receiving entity will accept. More often than not, countries such as Israel, India, Italy, etc. will accept a copy of the official birth certificate and not the original or exemplified version. How can you do this yourself? Most notaries in New York won’t know what to do with your birth certificate copy to properly begin the apostille process, as authenticating documents is outside the allowable duties of a notary. New York Apostilles not only has the proper affidavit stamps to authenticate your birth certificate, we offer an iron-clad acceptance guarantee that your birth certificate will be accepted or we will reprocess and submit your documents for free. At only $149 we can handle your “Apostille Birth Certificate New York” so you can focus on obtaining your passport, Visa or EU drivers license. Contact us today at apostilleapply.com and let us quickly handle the process.
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How To Apostille a Birth Certificate in New York

If you’re unfamiliar with obtaining an apostille authentication, this is a breakdown of what’s involved in the process to get you a completed apostille. This process scenario is for a single document, a passport for example, that needs to be authenticated for another country. This is common for OCI applications for India or dual passports for Europe.

First, you’ll meet with one of our notaries that will examine your actual passport to make sure the copy is a “true and accurate”.

Second, we’ll stamp your passport photocopy with a New York State approved affidavit stamp, a Department of State approved apostille raised embossment seal and finally, we’ll have you sign it so we can properly notarize it.

Third, we’ll make an appointment at the Westchester County Clerks office on Martin Luther King Blvd in White Plains, to have the document’s notarization “authenticated”. We’ll cover the fee and then we’ll attach an additional affidavit that our company stands behind the authenticity of the copy.

Fourth, we’ll fill out the New York State Department of State Apostille Application form, prepare a self-addressed-stamped envelope, and FedEx your document to Albany for processing. A copy of that form can be downloaded here

The Department of State will then process your document and “apostille” it. They will use the envelope we provided to mail it directly back to you. The process is perfect if you’re not concerned about the length of time it will take to have your document returned to you.

The “Albany process” does not give us the power to track the progress so you’ll be calling (518)474-4429, press 9, then 4, to inquire about the completion status. The process usually takes between 3 to 5 weeks.

Can you do this yourself? Yes! We assist people all the time and the help is free! We assist DIY enthusiasts and other notaries every day. There’s never a reason to feel lost because we will help anyone, anytime, with questions. As a New York State notary, we are public servants and will always fulfill the “appointment oath” to help.

If you have a completed apostille, you can verify the authenticity here:


Ready to get started? Head over to apostilleapply.com and let’s do this together!