FBI Background Check with Apostille

FBI Background Check with Apostille – November 2022 Update

In 2020, we used to make daily trips to Washington, D.C., on behalf of our VIP clients to process “same day” apostilles on FBI background checks. As a result of the Covid initiative, the walk-in counter in Washington, D.C. was eliminated and all federal apostille processing was done by mail through the Virginia processing center.

Here we are in November of 2022 and the D.C. service counter is still closed. As a result, the time it takes to process a mail-in application has jumped from four weeks to six weeks to eight weeks to what is now turning out to be ten weeks.

The fact that some expediting companies still quote 4 weeks as a timeframe for issuing an apostille on their websites is equally frustrating. As a result, many candidates have to abandon their applications, and some sometimes fly to foreign countries empty handed as a result of this. 

You have a few options, and depending on the country and the purpose of the FBI Background Check, we may be able to assist you. 

Call, text or WhatsApp apostille expediter Harry Otto at either (914)441-2444 or our D.C. hotline at (202)705-4713. Or, if you’re ready to upload your FBI Background Check PDF, use our apostille intake form: