NYC Birth Record Apostille in 2023

Redacted version from this original post:

Before obtaining an apostille on the NYC based birth record, the record must be “exemplified” and “authenticated”. This rule applies to any birth or death record from these five counties:

New York County – Manhattan
Bronx County – The Bronx
Richmond County – Staten Island
Kings County – Brooklyn
Queens County – Queens

If your birth document is “one document” it won’t qualify. Here’s an example of a non-qualifying birth certificate, front and back:

Short Form NYC Based Birth Document
This image shows a Short Form NYC Based Birth Document that does not qualify for authentication.

You cannot exemplify a document. Your document must come with exemplification when you order it.

You will need to order your long form exemplified birth document from and, during the ordering process, indicate you need this birth document for “international or apostille use”. Here is an example of a 2-page birth document that would be acceptable at the NYC county clerk:

Long Form NYC Based Birth Document
This image shows a Long Form NYC Based Birth Document that qualifies for authentication.

How old is it? The clerk can reject authenticating the exemplified birth record after it’s a year old for any “substantive” reason, but usually doesn’t.

Still have a question on what’s acceptable for authentication and apostille? Call, text or WhatsApp apostille expediter Harry Otto and we’ll get you started: (914)441-2444


  1. This was the first actual easy to understand breakdown. We live in Texas and got our birth documents rejected and then were told that even after exemplification the authentication would take 8 weeks. Thank you for this.

  2. Thank you for clarifying this. The NYC clerk says it takes 8 weeks to authenticate these even after getting the version from – I absolutely see the value of $99 to have you take care of this part. I have time but 8 weeks from the “city that never sleeps’ damn…

  3. We just wasted 7 weeks with a “next day apostille service” that was based out of PA how in the world would they advertise this when it’s this amount for work involved for a NY based company. Thanks for putting this online.

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