Step by Step 2023 Action Guide to Apostille your POA Power of Attorney in Westchester for less than $20

Step by Step Action Guide to Apostille your Power of Attorney in Westchester for less than $20
New York Apostille expediter Harry Otto explains the process of processing your own power of attorney with an Apostille beginning in Westchester County. Here he explains how it can be done, start to finish, for less than $20! It's not complicated if you have a bit of time and patience.

  1. Once you have your undated and unsigned power of attorney typed up, head over to the Westchester County clerk’s office in White Plains. They’re located at 111 Martin Luther King Blvd next to the Galleria. If you’re driving, there’s always a convenient spot to park on Quarropas Street right by Grand Street. Put 45 minutes in the meter or download the White Plains Parking mobile app.
    Your first stop for Apostille is to have your document notarized and authenticated at the Westchester County Clerk's office in Whie Plains.
  2. Head to the third-floor clerk’s office and simply ask for a notary. It’s free.
    Notary and authentication counter at Westchester County Clerk.
  3. Tell the notary that you’ll be sending this off for an Apostille and you also need “authentication”. They will staple a blue authentication tag to the notarized document. This is $3.00. If you have multiple pages being notarized in the same Apostille, you only need one tag – each notarization in the single Apostille does not require authentication.
    Westchester County Notary Authentication Tag
  4. The clerk’s office has the New York State Department of State Apostille request form. Ask them for one. Or you can fill that out now by downloading it here:

  1. After filling out this form and enclosing a check for $10 please remember to include a self-addressed and stamped envelope. They will absolutely delay your request if you don’t follow this direction. Expect your completed Apostille in the mail within 3 weeks. If you don’t receive it in 3 weeks, you can try calling them at (518)474-4429. There is no tracking on any part of this process, so this is only for applications that are not time sensitive.
    Apostille Counter at 123 William Street in NYC
  2. Another alternative to mailing, but no faster, is to hand deliver the power of attorney, application and $10 check directly to the Department of State at 123 William Street in New York City. They will forward your documents to Albany for processing, and you can save on postage. And yes, some people value their time less than $4 in postage.

Is there anything we can do to speed up the process for you? It takes less than two minutes for you to complete the intake form. Click here to start the apostille application process: or call, text even WhatsApp (914)441-2444.

If you are in Northern Westchester, we can still have your Apostille processed same day if we have everything by 11am. No other Apostille expediters courier to the Westchester County Clerk and the New York State Department of State 5 days a week.