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According to the guidelines of the International Hague Convention, vital record translations cannot be considered as “legal” documents. The translations that accompany your Apostille are classified as “reference translations,” intended to assist, rather than directly serve as the information source, outside the United States.

For instance, if you are applying for a student VISA, you are not allowed to utilize the translation document as a source of pedigree or identifying information. Instead, information for your new international document must be sourced from the original government-issued vital document. Moreover, if you intend to change your name, even in a minor way, you will need to apply for that change independently. Any variations to your name in the translation or notes in parentheses will be disregarded, following the Hague Convention guidelines.

We have established close partnerships with law firms capable of performing high-level legal translations for Italian, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. For legal documents like a Procura Specialie in Italy, we advise against opting for a $99 reference translation. However, for documents such as marriage licenses, birth certificates, or death certificates, reference translations are sufficient, as they are not used for sourcing information.

Our acceptance guarantee ensures that any rejections based on procedural guideline violations will be covered. Please note that our replacement guarantee does not apply to opinion-based objections from clients, such as “I think the gender of the word bicycle wasn’t proper.” In essence, the primary goal of the translation is to ensure the acceptance of your Apostille document, rather than being relied on as the primary source of information.

If you have any questions regarding the translation process, please feel free to ask before placing your Apostille order. Even if you think your question may be unrelated, we encourage you to seek clarification.

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