Expert Squatter Removal Services in Westchester County & White Plains: Notarized Lease Agreements and Document Delivery Assistance

Westchester County Leases for Removal of Squatters

If you own property in Westchester County or White Plains and have had your home or building occupied by squatters, you know how difficult it can be to remove them legally. As the New York Post reported, “Homeowners who go on vacation or a business trip, even for just a week, are returning to find their houses overtaken by trespassers who fraudulently claim a right to be there.”

Squatters in New York can actually gain legal rights to remain on a property through the principle of adverse possession if certain requirements are met over time. The Post explains: “In New York state, a homeowner faced with a trespasser can expect eviction to take two years. Meanwhile, the owner is barred from turning off utilities, removing belongings or doing anything else to get the invaders out.”

At White Plains Apostille & Mobile Notary, we understand the urgency of these situations for property owners. That’s why we charge minimum travel fees of $350 and usually slightly higher to notarize new lease agreements as part of the legal process for landlords to reclaim their properties from squatters. Here’s why our fee is higher than a standard $99 to $199 travel fees for notarization:

  1. Likelihood of Court Appearance
    Once squatters establish tenancy rights after 30 days in NYC or 10 years elsewhere, landlords must go through formal housing court evictions, which are severely backlogged. Our notaries may have to validate the notarized lease during these proceedings.
  2. Thorough Screening and Vetting
    To ensure the lease’s validity cannot be challenged, we carefully screen all parties, verify identities, confirm the landlord’s ownership, and ensure the new tenant will actively take possession and pay rent.
  3. Prioritization and Rapid Response
    Our premium fee guarantees prioritized scheduling so a notary can swiftly notarize the lease before adverse possession rights fully take hold, which the Post warns is a growing danger: “Criminals from south of the border are coming in droves to plunder the far wealthier United States.”
  4. Stringent Document Handling
    We treat these leases similar to our loan signing agent services for banks like JPMorgan Chase and Citibank. Our notaries ensure proper printing, scanning, and execution of all documents to stringent standards, so their validity is defect-free and can withstand any court challenges.
  5. Assisting Mortgage Lenders
    In addition to working with property owners, our mobile notaries have collaborated with major mortgage lenders and banks to assist them in removing squatters from foreclosed properties they need to take possession of. We understand the unique requirements when dealing with these types of properties.

The premium fee accounts for these critical factors missing from a simple $99 travel fee for notarization. It reflects the urgency required once squatters gain tenancy rights, which can happen in as little as 30 days in NYC based on laws like this in the NYC Administrative Code:

“Any person who…holds over and continues in possession of any premises after being duly notified to quit the same shall be liable to pay double the monthly value of the premises so detained for so long as the same shall be detained.”

In Westchester County, the laws are similarly strict in the Westchester County Laws & Codes Ordinances:

“A person is guilty of criminal trespass when he knowingly enters or remains unlawfully upon premises. Criminal trespass is a violation.”

While our fee of $350+ is a premium rate, for notary travel fees (remember we are not attorneys – we work with your attorney), it provides landlords and mortgage lenders a completely valid, legally binding lease that allows them to efficiently regain control and remove squatters through proper court filings. This avoids costly legal battles like those the Post warns against: “Favoring intruders over owners are ‘takings’ that violate the Fifth Amendment.”

We urge any property owners or mortgage lenders dealing with squatters to act quickly before adverse possession rights permanently take hold. Contact us today to get a notary mobilized and start the process to reclaim your property through an airtight lease agreement that will withstand any court challenges.

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